Our Vision

The Intention Of Enablie Is To Create A Social Networking/Peer To Peer Site For Disabled People And Those Impacted By Disability To Share Information And Support.

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What We Will Offer On Day One

Why is Enablie different?

The current mainstream social networking apps are inappropriate for three reasons, firstly a lot of people like to keep their health concerns separate from their day to day lives, secondly the search functionality has not been designed with disability attributes in mind and finally, they usually want to box you into one particular condition which doesn’t necessarily fit with the advice you want.

Enablie is intended to be a single hub solely for disabled people / those with poor health and those that support them.

We have a lot more functionality in the pipeline, but if there is anything that you feel would be particularly useful for you, please let us know and we can see if we can build it.

Email your suggestion to [email protected]

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