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Welcome to enablie

A new hub for those impacted by disability and ill health

About Us

In just our immediate family (us and the kids) we manage visual impairment, microphthalmia, ocular prosthetics, brain damage, thyroid issues, Crohn’s and endometriosis! Through this and through friends with a wide ranging set of their own conditions and situations it made me realise that we are not the only ones who are managing quite complex, often hidden situations, so the idea of Enablie was born.

I don’t claim to be a disability expert and I am sure the site will never be perfect for everyone, but I would like it to help as many people as possible so please provide any feedback you think might help!

Shared Stories From Future Enablie Users

Please email in your stories so that they can be shared with others too.  Our email is [email protected].

What Enablie Will Offer On Day One

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The Help We Need

We recognise that this is an ambitious project and welcome all offers of help. We are currently self-funding, so the more volunteers we have to get things off the ground, the better! Below are some of the areas we have identified where help would be very welcome.

Business Support

  • Legal

  • Commercial

  • Administration

  • Contact Centre Support

  • Process Design

Technical Support

  • Analytics

  • AI/neural networks

  • Machine learning

  • Data mining

  • Technical architecture

  • Road map development

  • Testing

  • Security

Design Support

  • User workshop facilitation

  • Testing & refining the concept

  • Creating content

  • Ensuring accessibility

Marketing Support

  • Identifying & recruiting partners

  • Raising awareness

  • Recruiting members & experts